Anovation Care Management Innovation (Anovation, Inc.) is an interdisciplinary health care consulting firm specializing in the clinical, operations, and marketing support of home infusion, specialty pharmacy, home care, and other ambulatory care providers. The firm was established in October 2007 by Anna Nowobilski-Vasilios, a leader in the home infusion and specialty pharmacy clinical operations arena. The company’s goal is to inspire and support health care providers and product manufacturers by assisting in the development, provision, and evaluation of quality, cost effective and profitable health care programs, services, and products.

In today’s cost-conscious, fast-paced, competitive, and consolidating health care environment, provider organizations continually look to improve operational efficiencies, build clinical expertise, and inform referral sources of their abilities. While internal stake holders must concentrate on assuring a safe and profitable day-to-day patient care business, time constraints often preclude their ability to critically evaluate their operations or to develop complementary programs to expand their service lines. Use of outside expertise may be needed to provide intermittent consultant services to assist internal leadership to evaluate and develop their operations, and to prepare their staff to be ready for increased or expanded business.

Similarly, companies that distribute and manufacture pharmaceuticals and medical supplies may need additional expertise to fully understand home care and specialty infusion market nuances to identify how to best position their products and/or services.

Anovation is poised to provide this expertise and assistance to both health care providers and to suppliers of products used in the home care, specialty pharmacy and ambulatory care arena.



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Anna Nowobilski-Vasilios PharmD MBA FASHP BCNSP

Principal at Anovation, Inc., and a Surveyor for the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA).  She has held various management and clinical positions at home infusion companies, home health agencies, and hospitals, culminating as Senior Vice President of Care Management Services at Option Care prior to establishing her consulting practice.   Dr. Nowobilski is the recipient 2009 University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy Alumni of the Year Award in recognition of individual excellence and outstanding service to the profession of pharmacy.  She has delivered numerous presentations, and has published articles on the subjects of home infusion therapy, specialty pharmacy, nutrition support, new drug approvals and interdisciplinary collaboration. Her experience includes more than 30 years of pharmacy practice and over 25 years in home infusion and specialty pharmacy services.  Dr. Nowobilski resides in Chicago, Illinois.